The Group publishes a quarterly newsletter, which is sent to Associate and Full Group Members. Issues from 2019 and prior are available to read below.


December:  Chairman’s message, Chief Observer’s message, EV Efficiency

August: Chief Observer’s message, speed limiters, demise of the manual gearbox?

June: Chief Observer’s message, tyre choices, Masters in an EV

March: Chief Observer on bends, EVs on ice, Surrey’s most dangerous roads


December:  Christmas Message, New President, Report on the AGM

August: Observer David McCarthy remembered, Road-trains: are  they the future?  Things to think about when choosing your next car.

June: Ergonomics (driving position), Automatic transmissions, Smart traffic lights.

March: Chief Observer on speed, Advanced Driving in an all-electric Nissan Leaf, Associate experiences.


November: New speeding penalties, Off-siding and straight-lining, Skills day and Thruxton reviewed.

August: Driving HGVs at Dunsfold, Steering and suspension geometry, J-turns and defensive driving experience.

June: Overseas driving tips, Controls, gadgets and gismos, Advanced Driving in an all-electric BMW i3.

March: Winter driving tips, Engines, torque and power, Advanced Driving in a hybrid.


November: winter driving tips, run-flat tyres and smart motorways.

May: IAM re-branding , driverless cars, mobility scooters, keeping older drivers on the road and keeping younger passengers safe.

February: lines and signs, shared space and the myths of multi-tasking whilst driving.


2015: Autumn Spring

2014: Autumn

2013: Summer Spring

2012: Winter Summer

2010: Winter