GAM Guidance Notes

The Induction Presentation is available for use by Observers prior to their first run with an Associate.

The following Guidance Notes have been issued by GAM:

Guidance Note No. 1 – Technology Checklist

Our vehicles have many safety and driver aid features; this checklist is for Associates and Observers to help ensure we all know what is fitted, and what you’re using for observed runs and the IAM RoadSmart Advanced Driving Test.

Guidance Note No. 2 – Cockpit Drill

Even if you are the only person to drive your vehicle, it is still worth running through these checks.  Associates will be expected to talk through this sequence during their training and at the beginning of the Advanced Driving Test.

Guidance Note No. 3 – Gears

Some notes for Observers regarding the teaching of gear changing.

Guidance Note No. 4 – Observer Checklist

For use by Observers when taking out Associates and applies to Sunday and non-Sunday Runs.

Guidance Note No. 5 – Seating Position

A common cause of poor car control is that the seat position is not set correctly. This Note provides guidance for all drivers on how to set the driver’s seat correctly. Better posture also leads to less driver fatigue when driving.

Guidance Note No. 6 – Brake/Gear Overlap

This Note was written by Sean Cronin from IAM RoadSmart to provide some advice to avoid brake/gear overlap.

Guidance Note No. 7 – Electric Vehicles

This Note provides some advice for Members driving electric vehicles.

Guidance Note No. 8 – Commentary

Commentary, or spoken thoughts, is one of the harder topics to master. This Note provides some useful phrases to practice using during Observed Runs and in the Advanced Driving Test.

Guidance Note No. 9 – Checklist and Tips

Some hints and tips for Associates to understand before they take the Advanced Driving Test.