2024 Membership Form

The GAM financial year ended on 31st March 2024 and subscriptions to GAM are due on 1st April 2024.  Please download and complete the membership form in a pdf version and email it to us.

Full Members of the IAM (those who have passed their advanced test at any time) are all invited to renew their GAM membership and pay the fee of £10, or £15 for 2 or more members living at the same address.  It is a requirement of the IAM that a GAM Full Member must also be an IAM Full Member.

Associate Members of the IAM are treated as paid up GAM Associate Members until 1st April following the date of passing their test.  Associate members still in training do not pay the GAM annual fee as we receive a contribution from IAM HQ for each Associate for as long as they remain under training.  Please ask us through the Contact Page if you are unsure.

All payments must be traceable to your IAM membership number, so please ensure this is clearly stated.  Payments with no names or numbers or those from company accounts or spouse/partner accounts are very difficult to validate!

BACS is preferred – the details of the GAM bank account are on the application form.  If you pay by cheque please send this to the Membership Secretary with your completed form.  If you pay by Standing Order please check that it is for the correct amount and your name/number is clear, as we have a few that are not.  We do not use credit cards or Direct Debits as the processing costs outweigh the benefit to a very small charity.

Gift Aid is important to GAM as a source of income, so we need your continued approval to claim it and this might change if your personal income tax situation changes – please check and let us know.

Finally, people move home, change phone numbers and, more often, change email addresses, so please add the current details so that we can be sure we keep in touch.  If you have a wish for GAM not to use certain means of communication please tell us for GDPR compliance.

Your continued support of GAM is much appreciated – thank you.