What we do

The prime purpose of the Group is to prepare Associates to pass the Advanced Driving Test through coaching during observed drives, mostly on the third Sunday morning of the month.

For those Associates who cannot attend regularly on a Sunday, the Group offers non-Sunday observed drives, but the capacity for these is less than on a Sunday as some of our Observers are in full-time employment.

The first Sunday run comprises an induction session with other new Associates, a demonstration drive by an Observer and then your first run. The Induction presentation can be read in advance.

The Group also provides:

(i) refresher drives for current Members who think their skills have faded over the years;
(ii) free taster drives for those who are thinking about taking the ADT before they commit to paying for it;
(iii) assessments of drivers who drive for organisations such as the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice and the Woking/Sam Beare Hospice. These assessment drives have been requested by both Hospices’ Managements; the assessment drive considers safety and smoothness, but to a slightly lower standard than that required to pass the ADT;
(iv) training for those who wish to help achieve the Group’s aim by becoming Observers.