Welcome to our website and thank you for taking the time to find out something about us. Guildford Advanced Motorists, GAM for short, is a local registered charity run by volunteers focused on improving road safety through enhancing driving skills.

We do this by delivering the IAM RoadSmart Advanced Driver Course. This is based on the UK Police Drivers’ Handbook called “Roadcraft”. This single word encapsulates what we are trying to achieve and is demonstrated by what IAM RoadSmart calls “the system of car control”. This is a methodical approach to managing everyday driving hazards. Advanced drivers should be able be able to drive in a safe, smooth and efficient manner at all times. One of GAM’s bylines is that we coach how to make “Safe, Legal progress”. Our Associate Members, who are those undertaking the Advanced Driver Course, not only tell us that they aspire to achieving the accolade of Advanced Driver, but also derive great satisfaction from improving their skill behind the wheel. For many this makes driving a more relaxing and satisfying experience.

GAM and IAM RoadSmart Members are a special breed of drivers, many going on to higher levels of driving achievement through MastersFellow, becoming Observers, Mature Driver assessment and refresher programmes.

GAM is an approved provider of the Advanced Driver Course and is fully integrated with the procedures and policies of IAM RoadSmart, also a UK registered charity.  GAM’s  fully trained team of IMI-approved volunteer Observers are at the sharp end of providing coaching in best driving practice during what we call “observed runs” carried out in an Associate Member’s own vehicle. The live coaching sessions are supported by a detailed course Handbook and other face-to-face and virtual training sessions.

Find out more by contacting us, or looking at the detail in the GAM and IAM RoadSmart websites. We hope to welcome you into the GAM IAM RoadSmart community.

Best wishes and safe driving,

Gordon Farquharson (GAM Chairman), the GAM committee and Observers