Tread carefully when considering tyres

A huge thank you to Matt Sunderland from the Guildford Tyre Company from Guildford Advanced Motorists and Wey Valley Advanced Motorcyclists, who gave our two groups an overview of modern car and motorcycle tyre technology on Thursday 19th January.

His talk covered:

  • The pro’s and con’s of run-flat tyres; while they do what they say on the tin, the added weight impacts handling, fuel economy and noise.
  • Premium versus budget brands; you don’t get what you don’t pay for…
  • The perils of buying part-worn tyres.
  • The benefits of winter tyres; at 7 degrees Celsius and below winter tyres offer considerable benefits compared to summer tyres and in snow they really come into their own.
  • The importance of wheel alignment; poor alignment results in excessive wear and poor fuel economy.

The Guildford Tyre Company offer a tyre hotel, storing you summer tyres in the winter and your winter tyres in the summer.