Take care on your bike

Many of us have been out on bicycles recently to obtain some exercise and it is a pleasure to have peace and quiet on the roads.  However, several issues have been observed:

  1. The air feels much cleaner – a positive step with no planes and fewer cars around;
  2. Potholes are becoming larger and deeper and you need to avoid them when on a pushbike – road maintenance may well take a lower priority, so look as far ahead as you can and make a plan (sound familiar?);
  3. Some cars are going much faster than the speed limit and not stopping at junctions (one of our Observers watched two cars blatantly going through a red light on Saturday), presumably because the driver thinks they are the only car on the road.

So please take care, use all your observation skills, choose routes to try to avoid major roads even in these times of relatively empty roads. And carry out a full POWDERY check on your machine before venturing out.