Members’ Next Steps

What are the next steps for an advanced driver?

There are four (independent) options (in no specific order):

1. Become an Observer

Training will be given by GAM Observers to prepare you to become a Local Observer. Not only can you share your love of advanced driving and help improve the standard of driving in GAM’s area, but it helps keep your own high standards up.

2. Take the Masters test

Become a Master, the highest civilian driving award, by taking the Masters course as provided by IAM RoadSmart.

3. Become a Fellow

The benefits of Fellowship and how to achieve it are described by IAM RoadSmart on the Fellows page.

4. Take an active role in the Group.

Currently there are two roles vacant within the Group:

a) Newsletter Editor

This role is to collate articles , letters and anything else relevant to the Newsletter that is circulated both electronically (quarterly) and six-monthly (paper) and then ensure it is published.

b) Marketing Manager

This role is to seek out opportunities to grow the membership of the Group. Activities may include (but not be limited to) negotiating with car sales showrooms to include the advanced driving course with a car purchase (new or second-hand).