Coronavirus (COVID-19) updated 23 March

Following significant changes in Government advice about Coronavirus (Covid-19), IAM RoadSmart’s senior management team has met and agreed the following advice and guidance for groups, observers and examiners.

With immediate effect, GAM have been advised to:

  • Stop observed runs for associates, and
  • Stop all meetings and social gatherings, including AGMs and recruitment activity.

Advanced driving and riding tests and assessments are suspended until further notice. All re-qualifications for Local and National Observers, Fellows and Masters are also suspended until further notice.

Where an associate’s membership expires, IAM RoadSmart will extend it, at no additional cost, for up to a further six months to enable all associates to complete their coaching and take their test without disadvantage. IAM RoadSmart will not be providing refunds of course fees. 

IAM Roadsmart will continue to operate the Customer Care phone lines from 8.30am until 6pm, Monday to Friday. The senior management team is meeting daily by conference call and will continue to update us regularly as the situation and government advice develops.

The GAM committee will follow the advice from IAM RoadSmart and keep GAM members and Associates informed when activities may be resumed. We thank you for your understanding during this period and sincerely hope that you will remain in good health over the coming weeks.