Benefits of Joining GAM

There are multiple benefits to both joining GAM as an Associate Member and retaining your annual Membership after passing the Advanced Driving Test (ADT).

The principal benefit for Associate Members is receiving coaching to pass the ADT. IAM RoadSmart statistics show that the pass rate for those receiving the coaching is consistently about 85%, compared to about 5% for those who do not have the coaching. Associate Members who pass will receive an invitation to a celebration event where they can receive their Certificates and meet Observers and Examiners in an informal setting.

Associates also receive a quarterly Newsletter.

Members also receive the quarterly Newsletter and will be invited to attend the Annual General Meeting (usually in September) where they can hear a guest speaker talk on a topical subject and, by voting, influence the direction of the Group. They can also request a refresher drive to ascertain whether their standard of driving has declined since the passing of the ADT.