Luca makes it three F1rsts in a row.

Many congratulations to Luca Whiteway who passed with a well deserved F1rst at the end of September. Luca’s test pass was the seventh for GAM in September, the last three all being F1rst. A record month for GAM and a great boost for Luca who said “Very happy with the how the drive went and overall feeling a lot more confident on the road”.

Congratulations to Harriet

Many congratulations to Harriet Tenner for passing her advanced test earlier this month. Harriet told us she was delighted to pass, and at GAM we are really pleased that she was successful and joins an ever growing list of advanced drivers around Guildford.

David adds another F1rst

There’s no stopping the GAM Associates this month. David Hutchings passed his test yesterday with another perfect score of 1s all the way. David’s examiner was very complimentary about his performance and everyone at GAM is very pleased with this excellent result. Well done David.

Tony gets a F1rst

Hearty congratulations to Tony Bowman who gained a First pass in his Advanced Test yesterday with a complete set of perfect scores. Tony is an ADI with his own driving school, so this is another qualification to add for his driving career. Very well done Tony, from all at Guildford Advanced Motorists.

Phil makes it three in one day!

Congratulations to Phil Taylor who also passed his test on 5 September, making it three in a row for GAM! Phil really enjoyed the experience of his observed drives and the test itself. His well earned pass is a great result for Phil and all our Observers. Well done.

Lesley adds to super September results

Many congratulations to Lesley Pearce who passed her advanced driving test yesterday. Lesley received some excellent compliments from her Examiner and demonstrated a very good understanding of the principles of advanced driving. All the hard work worthwhile, and this great result adds to GAM super September list of test passes. Well done Lesley.

A well deserved ‘pass’ for Graeme

Graeme Donnelly passed his advanced test yesterday and helps to maintain the great record of recent test passes at GAM. Well done Graeme for what your Examiner called “a very nice drive and worthy of a pass”. Congratulations from all at GAM.

Adel awarded F1rst on his test

Hearty congratulations to Adel Murad who really impressed his IAM RoadSmart Examiner last weekend with a well deserved First. A string of ‘1’ scores led to a nearly faultless drive, complimented in every area for his skill and observation. Well done Adel!

Record month for Guildford Advanced Motorists

August was a record month for GAM! It’s not just the weather that has broken records, but GAM Associates and Observers as well.

Since the start of 2019 we have sent 28 people for their Advanced Driving test and all of them passed, with 11 gaining F1rst standard, a drive with very few faults.

Then in August we broke another record when we sent 9 new candidates off for their test in the one month. We are really pleased with the progress these Associates have made and the effort put in by them and their Observers in getting up to test standard.

We wish all our candidates the very best of luck in their Advanced Driving test and look forward to seeing them as full members in the very near future.

Advanced driving skills – how do these improve your drive in a classic car?

Like many others I never got around to doing the IAM RoadSmart advanced driver course for a long time. Mainly because as a classic car driver I felt that I was competent on the road and mechanically knowledgeable.

After a taster session with my local group (Guildford Advanced Motorists) I took the plunge and the rest they say, is history.

I became a full member on passing the Advanced Driving Test and joined my local committee and qualified as a national observer (mentoring others). I am currently taking my IAM Roadsmart Masters qualification to continue furthering my knowledge.

I proudly carry the IAM RoadSmart roundel on all the cars I drive. Both my modern car and classic 1955 Morris Minor were used during my driving sessions for the advanced course. At the other end of the spectrum, I’m now doing my master’s course in an electric vehicle.

So, the main question here would be: is the Advanced Driver Course from IAM RoadSmart relevant to an experienced petrol head in a classic, veteran or vintage car? The simple answer is yes in so many ways.

It all begins with the preparation for driving; pre-drive checks and a cockpit check. In a modern car automation helps us, but in a less frequently used classic car the systems deteriorate with time. Making fluid checks, condition checks and brake tests essential and good practice when preparing to drive a classic car.

Then we need to consider the driving process. Most of us will be comfortable with push/pull on heavy non-assisted steering and careful rev-matching during gear changing. But coaching on timing and sequencing of braking, gear changes and steering helps ensure a smooth and progressive journey.

The main aspect of the course that really improved my driving skills was all around observation, anticipation and planning.

So much has changed over the years when classic cars were built in comparison to the cars now. Our cars are now built to deal with busier roads, faster traffic sometimes populated with vehicles that can accelerate, brake, turn and stop virtually instantly. Some are assisted in various ways, and crash with better survivability from each Euro-NCAP safety iteration.

Finally, most of all it is fun and local groups provide a great environment for those who take pride in their vehicles and driving skills. Give it a go and give your local IAM RoadSmart group a call.

Gordon Farquharson
Classic and Modern Owner
National Observer – Guildford Advanced Motorists (GAM)