A personal message from Stuart Haythorn: IAM RoadSmart Area Service Delivery Manager

May I take this opportunity to thank you for all your time and enthusiasm in maintaining and developing your group which continues to support IAM RoadSmart members in their desire to be more skilled and ultimately safer drivers. These are unprecedented times which have placed huge restrictions on our lives, and I hope that they have the desired effect of quickly reducing the COVID19 threat so that we can return to some kind of normality. I look forward to getting back out on the bike and in the car, to enjoy the freedom that they both bring and return to meeting up with you all and sharing the road again. In the meantime, like the considerable numbers of IAM RS members who have already registered, I have signed up to become an NHS volunteer and also for my local Bloodbike team.

My wish for you over this period is to look after yourself and those around you. Maintain your close relationship with your group and IAM members, keep those cars in tip-top condition, and prepare for us getting back out onto the road to celebrate what we love – driving and riding.

Stay safe- stay healthy