IAM RoadSmart urges the government to involve drivers in the push for zero emissions

As the government this week launches its Road to Zero Strategy with the aim of leading the world in zero-emission vehicle technology, road safety charity IAM RoadSmart has warned them not to ignore the part that drivers must play in their plans and how they can make a massive difference to its success or failure.
IAM RoadSmart recommends that, in the rush towards utilising high-technology to minimise emissions, we must not lose focus and must continue to encourage people to learn to drive in a safer and more efficient way – and not expect the technology to ‘bail out’ drivers every time without their making any discernible effort themselves.
The government’s strategy sets out ambition for at least 50%, and as many as 70%, of new car sales to be ultra-low emission by 2030, alongside up to 40% of new vans.
It added that it will take steps to enable massive roll-out of infrastructure to support an electric vehicle revolution, and launched the strategy that will set the stage for the biggest technology advancement to hit UK roads since the invention of the combustion engine.
However, it did not state which technology would deliver these results, with the government declaring the Road to Zero Strategy as ‘technology neutral.’
Neil Greig, IAM RoadSmart director of policy and research, said: “IAM RoadSmart welcomes the government’s Road to Zero strategy but reminds them that they must not forget the driver in the rush to adopt new technology.
“Education and eco-driving training have a key role to play in helping to meet, or exceed, emission targets and reduce fuel consumption and it can start to deliver improvements right away. Even hybrid and pure electric cars can be driven badly and without the right knowledge to maximise efficiency, resources will continue to be wasted and costs increased for drivers and companies.
“IAM RoadSmart is looking forward to working with the government to set in place a driver training framework that will ensure the UK can enjoy safer and cleaner motoring for many years ahead.”

Our six top summer travelling safety tips

Six of the best! Our six top summer travelling safety tips

With summer season showing no sign of ending, IAM Roadsmart head of driving and riding standards Richard Gladman has put together some tips to keep you safe on the road.
Do you know where you’re going? Plan your journey so you know when and where to take planned breaks (if applicable) and check for any traffic problems.
Do weekly car checks which include tyre pressures, tread depth and condition and checking fluids – replenish screen wash, and if other fluids are low check for underlying problems.
Stay hydrated by keeping a bottle of water in your car. We recommend having plenty of water as it is essential to stay hydrated to maintain concentration and control body temperature.  Air conditioning dries the air in the vehicle.
When driving, fatigue can slowly kick in – especially in heat. Concentration starts to slip after two hours so take regular 15 minute breaks. Get out of the car and stretch.
When driving into the direction of the sun, use your sun visor to help block out the glare, and if that doesn’t work for you, invest a decent pair of sunglasses. Keep the windscreen clean inside and out.
Put together an emergency kit; some drinks and snacks, a charger for your mobile phone and a road map for last minute detours are all useful items. Some entertainment for your younger passengers may make the journey less stressful.

Richard said: ”Preparation is key to an enjoyable trip. A well maintained car and a fully fit and prepared driver can make the difference between a pleasant drive in the country and a nightmare journey to be endured.  Whilst the trip may be about the destination, it is much better if the journey is enjoyable too.”

Give a Thumbs Up for great driving and riding

1st August – 31st August 2018
Promoting Courteous Driving And Riding Thumbs Up For Great Driving and Riding!

Give a ‘Thumbs Up!’ this August to celebrate and encourage courtesy between drivers, riders and other road users.

The ‘Thumbs Up For Great Driving And Riding!’ campaign is a month of fundraising activities, designed to help IAM RoadSmart members and the wider driving and motorcycling community acknowledge, celebrate and increase courtesy between drivers and riders on UK roads.
Through a network of 202 local groups around the country, IAM Roadsmart are encouraging drivers and riders to acknowledge and demonstrate their appreciation when another driver or rider lets them into traffic, allows them priority or gives them a helping hand – with a simple thumbs up, or one of our special thumbs up stickers.

IAM RoadSmart staff and volunteers will be out watching for good deeds done in the car and on the bike, and will be armed with thousands of stickers to hand out in support of the campaign. IAM RoadSmart local groups will be fundraising during the month of August, so there are also plenty of other ‘Thumbs Up For Great Driving And Riding!’ items available.

Money raised from the campign will go towards a special IAM RoadSmart vehicle equipped with road safety merchandise and equipment, which IAM RoadSmart groups around the country can use free of charge for promotional events or displays through the year as they help spread the road safety message to young people and local community groups.

Our Aims
We hope the campaign will give those who get involved the opportunity to:
Reward and encourage courtesy between all road users
Show appreciation for others’ actions –

‘Thanks for seeing me’,

‘Cheers, mate’,

Much appreciated’, for example.

Promote positivity on the roads and create a fun, enjoyable feel when travelling.  Support IAM RoadSmart’s mission to help make better drivers and riders.  Get Involved With The Campaign

Throughout August IAM Roadsmart will be tweeting and posting about the campaign on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  Support us on social media and share your own positive driving and riding experiences using the hashtag #ThumbsUpForGreatDriving or #ThumbsUpForGreatRiding, or #ThumbsUpForGreatDrivingAndRiding.  Please also tag @IAMRoadSmart in any tweets or posts and we’ll make sure we retweet or share your stories.

Let’s Thunderclap!
You can also visit our Thunderclap page to pledge your support and help share the message by clicking here.  If we reach our target of 100 individuals or organisations supporting IAM, we hope that on 1st August 2018 at 7am the ‘Thumbs Up For Great Driving And Riding!’ message will be blasted loud and wide across the UK’s social media airwaves!